With every ending, there’s a new beginning…

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New Eyes

Bell liked trees. She liked how they breathed. They didn’t have lungs like her, or eyes for that matter. But she knew; they saw everything. Trees have different eyes, eyes that you can feel. You can hear them too. When leaves rustle or branches groan. The trees are seeing. They saw her running first, and […]

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Very Real

My demons drip down greened fangs, tarnished with time; that grip and strangle old dreams, that slowly die. They feast on my wants, on what my soul craves; They devour my being and destroy my flame; Incessant, they linger, they lurk in my thoughts, they prowl on the edge of awareness, and clamor with the […]

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Happy Samhain

I literally cannot believe it is the end of October already! This month flew by and I feel that I haven’t had any time to actually SIT DOWN and write out a nice long post. That’s what November will be for! I know it’s cliche, but I wanted to do a post relating to the […]

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Autumnal Equinox (September)

The cool, morning mists betray the approaching heat of day. The light fades as the dark gains; Time. Cut in half, the cycle goes; inwards, to the darkness. The trees start their show, the flowers begin to close, slowly and wait. The world holds its breath, hushed; anticipates an ending, not quite final.

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The Hums of August

Slow, droning, chatter. Mixes, stews, Bursts. Hot and full, the heat oppresses. The greenery, shriveled, wait for warm rain. The night brings other sounds; gentle, familiar. The sadness of summer passing; a lament in symphony.    

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Claddaghduff, Ireland

The next stop on our tour of  the west of Ireland took us a bit further north into the Clifden area. It took us about an hour from Galway, and it was well worth the trip. Again we had amazing weather and the sky was clear blue, the air light and breezy. This is in […]

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Ohiopyle, PA

In between my Ireland posts, I wanted to sneak in a quick trip I made at the beginning of July to beautiful Ohiopyle, in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania. This is one of my most favorite spots to visit, and I’ve been going there ever since I was a kid.  We would camp, ride bike […]

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